No testimony without the Test..

19 more days until all money is due for the Lecture Phase & Outreach
21 more days until we're on the train to Paris, then flying to London for 7 weeks of Outreach
Followed by another 4 weeks in Paris and then flying back to Biarritz and staying here until June 22

It's so close!!! And it's awesome and amazing!!

We have seen 300 euros come in just this week! So we now have 6,597 euros to raise! Please be praying for us! Also if you would like to contribute there is a donate button at the side through Paypal OR you may send money through Paypal to and you may type my name, Kortnee Barnes, into the message OR you can type, 'Outreach Funds' into the message.

Really amazing and cool addition to my testimony is that at Oklahoma State Univ. I was on a full ride and here God is really making me depend on and trust in Him and that is honestly just the most amazing and incredible thing ever.

Thanks for your love.