Sexy Missions

I read an article about missions being sexy. I decided to share some of my revelation on just how sexy it is.

Here's what you don't know about missions.

You don't know that once you've committed to being a missionary that almost immediately every believer in your life is going to question that call or convince you to stay in school so that you can have a 'Plan B' in case following Jesus falls through. 

You don't know that it is much easier said than done when it truly comes down to pleasing Christ over man. 

You don't know that once you've climbed the mountain full of obstacles and difficulty that everyone will still leave you. 

You don't know that being a missionary means you're always leaving or saying goodbye. 

You don't know that even when you return changed and radicalized by taking the Gospel to unreached people and nations and seeing them come to Christ that you'll come home and find it radically unchanged.

An Audience of One

I, Kortnee Barnes, will not promise BUT will try to be a more consistent blogger! I really want to talk about India and all that the Lord is revealing to me but first I'm going to let you into some struggle and growth I've been going through. So, in the last post I told you that God had answered some HUGE prayers, and He did...I, however, did not use His answers to their full capability and have since been struggling with my role, my relationships, my reality, my faith that God is still near to me..and that was a struggle that has left my heart in a very fragile place with Jesus. Thankfully, I am still with Jesus and no longer wandering about trying to fix myself.

What the Lord is teaching me, Part 1
I am capable of all that He has asked me to do. That faith is not only believing He will but also that only because of Him, I can.

God requires all of who I am.
And He can have it.

I am so tired of even attempting what others want me to be because it's such a filthy, cheap version of what I'm supposed to be in Christ. Any time we try to become other than what God has said we are, we're jilting ourselves, and we're telling God "I'll do this my way because the way you made me isn't good enough."