Child, you're forgiven and loved.

Topic: Repentance & Forgiveness
Speaker: Shirley Brownhill

This week our speaker is truly annointed by the blood of Christ.

I began to write as I listened to 'Forgiven & Loved' by Jimmy Needham:
"Dirty deeds have done me in, 
but that won't stop the faithful friend. 
Giving mercy once again as you Heal, 
here it is I'm feeling it...
Oh He died, He died to rectify my hopeless situation 
and His blood commands my guilt to leave. 
Now on Calvary I stand, 
empty pockets, open hands. 
Oh there is no condemnation for me. 
I tried and tried to rectify my hopeless situation, 
but I bought the lie I still have work to do. 
Now, I'm working 9 to 5 like I can earn my own salvation,
but there is no condemnation in you. 
Child, you're forgiven and loved."

How perfect is my Savior that He gives to me His surplus of grace and mercy as I need it. I began to write and as I thought of what the Spirit had spoken to me so far in the week, I selected a song at random, but not at all random to our God. Just a cool beginning to open up this post.

So we're talking about forgiveness and repentance this week and I have much to be forgiven of, but more than that I have so much to forgive. I have harbored anger, doubt, failure, depression, stress, and all sorts of things in my spirit and it has trapped my soul from being able to fully come to God and receive His mercy.

So, I'm going to share some notes of mine:
Remember when God was your everything? When you cried out for him and He came to you? Remember when you were available and vulnerable to Him?

You have been created to have relationship with God and anything else is deception.
Sometimes Christians say, "It's okay to do that sin," and it's not because it separates you from the Savior.
We are so bound by our cultures that we are ashamed by the Gospel.
The world doesn't need pity, it needs Jesus.
-----*Compassion is not compassion without action.

Everyone drives about 10-20 miles over the speed limit and everyone "goes with the flow" until you see a police officer or radar and you realize that you, individually, are responsible for your decision. 

That is modern Christianity, everyone "goes with the flow" of society, but then there are these moments where they remember Jesus or feel convicted over something and maybe it lasts a while or maybe it lasts forever, but we have all got to realize that Jesus is who we are compared to and not society. We can't just say, " least I'm not as bad as that guy."

We are not to mock God's grace.
Unforgiveness ties and binds you to the person that has hurt you.
We cannot translate the Word of God into something more comfortable for us.
A person who knows God looks at their circumstances through God.
Hypocrite-someone who knows the truth, but doesn't live it.
With repentance we should ask what has my sin done in advancing Satan's kingdom?
God feels broken hearted over sin.
Sin is eager to control you.
Pressure is there because you're doing what God wants you to do.
Something God gave me actually happened.
We can't afford to miss our moments.
If we get conviction and our heart doesn't follow then our heart gets hard.
Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your heart.
Ask for forgiveness from each person you've been sexually immoral with.
Pray for purity and holiness to be restored.
When you have shame over your life the enemy has control over your life.

Don't forget where you came from. Remember that you were that someone...take the time to think about the Hand that pulled you out. Pray for me.