Majesty steps into the mess

"Just last week we were in San Francisco in the inner city there and we were going to do this conference where we go and we feed the poor, we cut their hair, we wash their feet, we give to them, we serve them, we show them grace. As we were getting ready for that on Wednesday, the leader of the rescue mission said, 'The conference is two days away, we have to make 10,000 hot meals and we don't have any meat or any money.' *Meanwhile the staff had been fasting and praying all week as they were trying to figure out solutions and offering their credit cards. Out of the blue about an hour and a half after he made that announcement Trader Joe's, the supermarket, called us and said, 'All of our freezers just broke down, could you use all our meat?' And this giant U-Haul shows up in front of the mission with pork chops, chicken, steak, everything else just loaded down with meat and it's worth cooking that meat and passing it out. We knew God provided."
-Francis Chan

"There are things tonight that are leading some of us to our death. For some of you, you don't even need me to say any more words, it's as clear as you're looking back at me. For some of you it's a relationship, and you've tried to justify it every which way possible, but the relationship is carrying you out of town and to your death. It's taking you away from the purpose of God. For some of you it's a misunderstanding of who Jesus is and it's carrying you away. You thought he was just someone who wanted a little nod from you occasionally or someone waiting for you to throw up a prayer in a desperate circumstance, or someone that you could manage or control or dictate to, or tell how you want life to unfold, and you've just misunderstood the reality of a risen Lord who commands, demands, deserves every single ounce of who you are. and life only works that way. It only works when He's everything and we're fully surrendered to Him and anything less that that is not Christianity. It is not following Jesus, it is not real faith. And you're misunderstanding, willful or not, of who Jesus really is raised up from the dead and what it means to link up with His purposes on Earth, it's leading you out to death...obviously for some of us that stretcher is just our sin and up until this point you've tried to control it, but the reality is clear tonight. It's leading you out to a hole in the ground. The stretcher could be a wound, something happened to you and you haven't let Jesus fully do His power and heal, and that thing's still in there festering and spewing out bitterness and hatred and resentment and anger and self-hate, self-degradation. You've yet to receive the word of God saying, 'I love you. I know what happened to you was awful, but I love you. I am for you, I will heal you, I will restore you, I will put your life back together again, I will use you, I will triumph through you, I will stand for you and fight for you. I am yours and you are mine. Put the past behind you, let the power of God free you and walk on in the life that God has for you. And because of some linkage that fell through they're carrying you out on a stretcher of some past wound or disappointment or hurt. It could be shame, I don't know what it could be, you know what it is...I just wonder if anybody in this building tonight feels like there's a funeral procession going on and even though you're here you're being carried out of town right now...and that wouldn't be weird because Jesus said, 'The thief comes only for this purpose. To steal, kill and destroy.' The enemy has a plan for you and it's to bury you, but I have a word for you based on the authority of who Jesus is and based on what I believe he's come here to do, but I have a word for you...there aren't going to be any funerals here tonight because Jesus is intersecting the funeral procession and He has the willingness and the power to raise the dead."
-Louie Giglio

Last night I remembered why I followed Jesus on this journey.
Because he told me to. Faith is hearing and obeying. For the longest time I had none of that. And now I have all of it, I heard and I obeyed and that doesn't stop here. We sang this song, "...I will not be silent, I will not be quiet anymore." And I just had to think that even here I still have to choose, I still have to listen and obey! I've been silent for 20 years of my life and I will not be silent anymore. I refuse to be...on January 5, I refused to be quiet and I refused to go back to a life of silence...I said NO. And I choose that right now. I will choose it tomorrow and every day after that.

I don't have to be scared of what Christ has defeated. God has all authority while Satan has none. The Devil has NO authority unless I give it to him. Every one and every thing on this earth, in and above it belongs to Jesus Christ, who is everything.

What is the church when we say things but we do nothing?
What they're saying is good, but their example is poor.
It's time to change. If we don't look any different, then we haven't changed and that's the truth.