Yesterday I gave my testimony to 100 people that I did not know at an all day church event where people learn about the 'Journey with God.' I then sat in on a session titled, 'Christ in the Workplace,' and I heard many justifications to why you can't talk about God/faith at work because you might lose your job.

I also heard a lot of people saying..."You're young. You don't understand, I've lived in the world, I've got 30 years on you....I understand that you're 'following Jesus,' but I know how the world works and you need to have a backup plan."

The only reason you need a backup plan with God is because you don't trust Him, you don't really believe that He exists, or you think He may fail you. If God asks you to take a leap of faith, to follow Him into the dark, to leave your life in Oklahoma and move to France with no support and no money, but to trust Him, would you do it?

And if you say no or that you can't ask yourself why, but also ask which of those first 3 things is true for you.

I followed God, I came to France, I listened.

I needed money for a plane ticket to France which came through a donation from a church full of people that I did not know...$1500. I needed money for Discipleship Training School which costs $5000 and I saw God provide for me. Not just that, but the Lord provided another $1200 for a return ticket to America after I've finished.

If God fails you then God is a liar. But, I've been following Jesus and I have found him to be true in all that He says. If you don't believe that God will never fail you, that He will never lie to you, that He will take care of you, and that He loves you...if you don't believe that then you don't really believe in God's power and His promises.

Take a moment right now and decide if you can stop living to serve yourself and live to serve Him. He has plans to prosper you. Let him.