la la la London

Today is my last full day in London.

I have met the most incredible individuals, youth groups, Christians, non-Christians, musicians, artists, and even some people who are in between all those things...and I can say at the end of this 7 weeks that God has grown me and opened my eyes to loving people.

Seeing what God is doing here in London and that the people, the youth especially, are ready and excited for Revival. Every Christian wants to see God's Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Amen! I came to do what God wanted me to do in France and now I get to see how my obedience to that is changing parts of the world.

Obeying God without hesitation is one of the biggest things I have learned here. This DTS would have still happened if I had decided to stay at OSU, take a prospective internship with Google, and ignore the clear directions to follow God here...and as much as God has changed my heart for him in the last 5 months I could have been equally as different on a path far away from Him. I am so blessed.

I'm looking forward to trying to come back and continue the work that has been started here before 2012 ends. I know God is planning big and amazing things here. I cannot wait to see them!

I intend to live every day of the rest of my life like an act of worship so that I don't have to build myself up to 'feeling like it' because I want to feel like this forever.

Tomorrow, Paris.

Love for the last time from London,