He is the lead role

Are you in awe of the cross?
I certainly wasn't most of my time here and only in the past few weeks have I begun to comprehend what Jesus did...how incredible a love, how mighty a Savior, how Anointed with grace that he would do something so infinite.

Last night Kelsey and I had a 3 hour conversation about a lot of things, but really centralized on God and what life looking like Him really is. It's scary that we can be so incredibly prideful in acts of humility.

During evangelism yesterday I spoke with a guy and at the end he shook my hand and hugged me. The disturbing thing I immediately thought was, 'Why is this man hugging me? This is weird...ew,' and then my next thought was, 'How do you think you're above hugging people? What do you think you looked like when Jesus found you? Jesus loves these people, He loves them all, and he doesn't care what they look like...and that I was one of the worst.'

Talk about a humbling moment. My heart just broke for God's grace...how much I yearn to be like Him.

I always wonder if Jesus was here today if I would follow him.
It's something to think about and be honest with yourself. Why haven't I been able to say YES, of course I would...because in the earthly I can be many things, most of which, do not look like Jesus.

But God says that I am different, set apart, adopted...so I choose to be those things by His grace and nothing else, thank you Holy Spirit.

As we spend this Saturday packing and cleaning so we can leave for Biarritz tomorrow I am happy to say that I feel clean and I feel like my heart doesn't have any baggage right now. There's this cloud nine feeling coursing through my veins. And I think it comes from knowing

He is everything.