Welcome back, welcome back!

I have been back in the United States for 8 days now and it has been an amazing "re-entry" for me! I spent last week in Dallas catching up with my friends there and doing some network marketing at the same time...I know, back to the 'busy' life already, but that's how I like my life!

Monday night, I drove up with my girlfriends Lauren and Toni to Oklahoma City and yesterday we drove to Stillwater where I have been catching up with all my friends here. It's been great seeing them, catching up on their lives and sharing what God has done in mine, and through those conversations I just get this overwhelming word: GROWTH.

I have grown so much in these six months that it is mind boggling to be just a drop in this ocean of people. So while it is great to know that I've grown and that I need to continue to grow, it is really humbling to know there are 7 billion other people who need to grow or continue to grow with God.

It's so cool! I just love who God is and His faithfulness in all things. I have seen my friends and it feels like no time has passed between us. These are the friendships that I long for. I love these girls!

And, really exciting...HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMERICA! I have come home with a new love of my country. You know that saying, "You don't know what you have until it's gone?" well I definitely realized how great it is to live here. The rest of the world is amazing, but right here in Oklahoma, United States...that's home and it just feels right!

So while I sit back today and enjoy the beauty of this nation and pray into its future and its values and just ask for the holiness and grace of God in all things I am also going to rejoice in what the Lord has done and is doing.

It has been an incredible past six months, but I'm just getting started.

Welcome Home,