an e-mail sent to my cousin

Let me know if you have any questions about what I'm doing on what God is teaching me! I am more than excited to talk about His grace here. Yesterday, for example, we did evangelism at the beach. A group of us are musicians so we sang, but we didn't sing to the crowd per se, we sang worship music to Jesus...I mean we literally worshipped God on the promenade and the Holy Spirit fell on His people! We were giving it all and then a few in the group felt God asking us to speak to certain people. There was a man about 29 and a woman about 45, they were sitting all of 5 feet apart, but 2 different groups went to talk to each of them. The guy said that when we started singing he felt something that he could not explain. Juan got to tell him about Jesus and His power. Simultaneously the girls were talking with this woman and they told her about the school here and what God was doing and they asked if they could pray for her, she began to cry and said yes, they asked why she was crying and she said that her son had died 5 months ago and that the love of God was everywhere, she didn't want us to stop bringing praise to a most High God. Then last night one of the staffers felt God saying we needed to have a night of worship, dance, prayer, whatever but we needed to dedicate some time outside the classroom to Him. So we were praying and singing and God was moving and one of the students told a story of walking Dan's dog, Dan leads the DTS (Discipleship Training School), and the puppy ran up to this homeless man and began to lick him. Anyone else she bites when she sees them, but she licked him! So they began to talk to him, he was a homeless man from Europe who has lived in France for 15 years, and they were the first people to talk to him in two weeks. They got to share the gospel. And on Thursday afternoon, I'm meeting a girl that we played, "How He Loves Us" for, and I'm going to share God's love for her. How beautiful a creation she is to Him.

So when I say that God is working, I mean He is taking back His city!