lukewarm love.

What do your extracurricular activities look 
like? A life set on God will yield fruit. 
Study of the Bible, yielding to His will, and 
serving as He commands. A life that is 
serving as He commands. A life that is
inward focused looks as self serving
activities: putting things you want first!
Whether your addiction is working out,
partying, or Facebook; whether your idols
are your friends, your things, or celebrities--
you are not focused on God. I am either
your everything or I am your nothing at all.
God doesn't want half of your heart, half of your
life, because He gave Jesus as your whole atonement
1 Corinthians 3:2 says by now we should
be eating solid food, but we are still drinking
milk; In Revelation 3:16, God says that 
if you are lukewarm he will spit you out of
His mouth, that he prefers you to be either for
Him or against Him. God is merciful, full
of grace, but He is just and there is a season
in your life where you have to grow up.

This morning's lecture basically wrecked my heart for Jesus, yet again. I've got to hate not just the things that are easy to hate, but also the things that are hard to hate and are accepted in our culture. Gossip, abortion, tattoos, piercings, jewelry.
**But, more than that I need to not confuse hate for sin as hatred of sinners.**

Keep your friendships, but hate sin.
Find a different environment to be around.

Call me if you want to watch football, call if you want to go to dinner, even to see a movie, but don't call me to come out and party because I will say no. Call me if you're drunk at 3 AM and need a ride, but don't call me to party, because I don't live that life anymore.

If you can be around it, then you don't hate it!
I hate clowns so you aren't going to find me around them, I hate Raclette cheese so you aren't going to find me eating it. You don't willingly decide to be around the things that you hate.

master. mission. mate.
1 john 2:15
"Do not love the world or anything in the world."

I know that my master is God. "...I chose you..." [John 15:16]
I know that my mission is to "suffer according to God's will..commit [myself] to the faithful Creator and continue to do good." [1 Peter 4:12-19]
And as far as the mate, it is clear that my heart does not desire that. [Matthew 19:9-12]

Jesus warns about it, God warns about it, the disciples warn about it, and now I am warning you about it. Do not be complacent and do not accept the watered down Gospel, because at judgement He will not be a watered down God. You are responsible for the truth that you know.

live it out.