7 more days!

Yesterday, we went to Spain as a day trip and it was amazing! I explored by myself and hiked a very tall mountain to get to a statue of Jesus, which was so much fun. 

In one week, we go to Paris to have lectures and meet the other French DTS groups from Lyon and Paris which will be super exciting. After that we're headed to London for 7 weeks and then we return to Paris for 4 weeks.

Still needing money for Outreach so if you see read this, definitely be praying for that! If you would like to help out by making a donation, then just Click this link :)

Annnnnnd, pictures from Spain this weekend!

Right off the beach in Spain, pretty buildings everywhere

A statue of Jesus, this is when I decided I had to go up there

Dancing along with the marching band

Street performers

A clock, still can't figure it out

Precious kids, had to snap a photo!

Lots of boats!

One of the doors to the building where the giant Jesus statue was

A massive statue of a Divine Man who died for me

What a beautiful church, it's just a little over the top!
Team Photo, almost..we'll get one with every-Juan in Paris
P.S.---blog URL will be CHANGING in one week to "keepupwithkortnee.blogspot.com"