Hands lifted high in praise

Heart broken for the world tonight.
A few days ago walking home I met a woman named El-H (el-awsh) and I was able to hear her story and her struggles here in Paris. This woman has a beautiful smile, warm eyes, a gentle voice, and a soft honesty in her tone...she has truly blessed me. There's something else about her; she is homeless. The world ignores her, looks down on her, and says she is not enough. I remember when I first saw her on Tuesday morning, she was a lump under a sleeping bag, and I thought, "...so many homeless people here," without knowing who this person was at all...and today I realized that I live in a very nice apartment, with a big warm blanket, comfy furniture...on a mattress. And yet, I complained because it was cramped, and it was hard on the floor, but did I forget that my ever so faithful and even more real God provided for me? Provided for our entire team? And I felt blessed because this woman is so joyous and I have realized that I am, too. And God is apparent in her entire story...even in her name; "El" it means 'god' and that's so cool. I just needed a reminder of how amazing He is. So pray for this woman; for protection, for faith, for kindness to be shown to her.

So much incredible passion among these brothers and sisters that I have met here. All with very intense testimonies that ring true of God's grace and compassion, of his goodness.  This week's lecture topic has been evangelism and God has opened many doors to do that.

On Tuesday, I met blind man in front of Sacre-Coeur and a musician who loves Jesus like there is no tomorrow. Man, have I been blessed. My heart has been torn apart, but compassion without action really isn't compassion at all, but apathy. I am in the place to give all of who I am...to really emulate Acts 16.10, "After Paul had seen the vision, we got ready at once to leave for Macedonia, convinced that God had called us to preach the gospel to them."

So, tomorrow evening I will board a plane to London and proceed to preach the news there, may the Lord be with us. May He triumph evil...oh wait, He already has.

You can pray for all these things, but especially for:
US missionaries being granted religious visas during customs tomorrow
For Juan to receive his visa (it was denied, but the enemy will not win)
For the city of London, for the people mentioned in this blog
For the city of Paris, for hearts, for the YWAM Lyon and YWAM Paris teams to be guided by the Spirit.

I'm getting used to being a missionary and I wouldn't trade this life for anything. I am convinced that this is what is true...that the true life saving gospel is that of Jesus Christ.

mercy triumphs over judgement and love abound,