The Harvest Is Plenty.

It's been a chaotic and oh so busy few days here in London....the city is amazing. There is much work to be done here and now is London's time for revolutional change. I just intend to love people and it's been awesome already! I've met so many youth here and we are having a really big impact on the city as a group. In France, when we began saying hello to people they were very surprised but soon opened up...I'm finding the same thing here in London and believe we will see change very soon. It's a great city and we're living in a beautiful church right on the line between Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea.

We started our process of reading the entire Bible out loud and so far have gotten to 2 Kings, we go in 2 hour shifts in teams of 2 for a full 72 hours to complete the public reading of Scripture. It rocks, we have met so many people who are interested, curious, and just willing in spirit. May they be blessed in God's will.

I would just like to say, Hallelujah, I'm blessed and God is worthy to be praised for all His works. May I be so eager to bless Him when things are hard as they have been the past few days in certain areas.

I'm in awe of the love that I feel though in this place, it's just a great time in life right now. This 'season' is bringing about marvelous change in the kingdom of God. Sunday at church we were told that a few memebers of Afghan parliament had become Christians and that the youth there are embracing it. Praise the God of the heavenly's incredible.

Even people watching right now and meeting the baristas at my new and soon to be frequent hangout, Caffe Nero, I am so incredibly blessed. I don't have the time to fully update all that I want, but know that the Lord of Lords and King of Kings is here, he is so real, and if you don't know that truth ask for Him to make himself known to you.

Please be praying for London in the next 7 weeks and even after. We definitely need your prayers. Specifically John 4 verses 10, 14, an 34-38.