4 months ago..

"I am so blessed and thankful for your love. My name is Kortnee and I am currently a sophomore at OSU. I went to Passion last week and God completely changed the plans I had for myself. I was supposed to come back to school, work for Google this summer, and then study abroad in August for 12 months and then God happened. I remember crying and praying and confessing my sins aloud as 45,000 other believers around me praised and worshiped their God, and as I was repenting and asking God to forgive me, cleanse me, and never let me go again all the light I have ever felt in the world engulfed me. I prayed that God would show me what the next step was and that He would make whatever the decision was very clear to me so that all that was left to do would be to obey His call! And I got exactly what I prayed for! I come from a very loving yet materialistic family who does not support missions as a 'lifestyle,' but rather as a hobby or good deed. While that is hard, I fully believe in God's power and that His arm is not too short (Numbers 11:23). The cost of the program is $5100 roughly (4000 Euros) and as I walk in faith knowing that God will provide I pray that you all walk with me in prayer first and if compelled financially, too. I am so incredibly blessed and excited to pursue the will of God sans hesitation and I fully believe He is going to use me and that I will grow. May His life light shine through me!"

What an amazing reminder at what God has done and is doing. I am so happy I decided to blog about this...what a testimony. Lord, praises to You for Your faithfulness.

And thank you to all my friends who have donated money. To Pastor Cameron and the entire church family who have become my family, Callan for your initial belief in what God was doing, and all those who supported me.

It has meant so incredibly much to me.
You have held me up in prayer and in faith when even my family didn't.