Aujourd'hui c'etait bizarre! (Today was crazy!).

This morning we had lecture and talked about spiritual warfare, but we also split up into groups and got assigned to different areas. My group's assignment was to walk around the city and pray and so we headed towards the cemetery in silence. As I was walking up and down the rows of headstones, I just felt such pain of lost souls crying out for their living loved ones who didn't know Jesus and still had a chance. And as I began to pray I felt such peace! I prayed for the souls of those who had passed on without accepting Christ and then I began to pour my heart out in prayer for their loved ones that I may come into contact with them and love them as my Father does. I prayed that we would find other Christians here and that we would become a network with them! I am really looking forward to our next 2 months living here and hope to make some friends that live in Biarritz that I can begin to  hangout with and minister to. I also prayed just for us to be salt and light here in this city and for people to be curious as to why we look different, other than being American, and to seek us but even more than that to seek Jesus. I began asking the angels to go forth in front of us and to fight for us. Telling God that I wanted him to make the path clear and to protect us always and by the time we were walking home I was overwhelmed with the presence of the Spirit and just boiling over with God's good grace! It was an amazing feeling.

So we get back to the hostel and we're all saying what God showed us in our different groups and just had the consensus that there's a lot of pain in this city, a lot of spiritual darkness, and then as a whole we began to pray out loud speaking life into these streets asking for God's guidance and for His words to fill our mouths when we speak. Hands down, coolest moment of this week so far.

After that we had lunch and I went to roam my new home with Lucie and Tabea. SO YUMMY! We went and bought pastries filled with chocolate and filled with creme and it was so delicious. I then proceeded to buy a croque monsieur, a ham sandwich with grilled cheese on one outer side, which was delicious and had disappeared less than 3 minutes later.

As we were eating our treats we realized we were lost and had no idea how to get back to the hostel and we needed to be back at 16h30 but it was already 16h25 and thank God that we found someone we knew on the street who pointed us in the right direction...kind of. Where we live was in one direction and the house we clean was in another direction and we have to clean both for this week's chores so Lucie et Tabea went to the second house and I had to walk home to the first house. Anyway, I got here safely and I prayed God's blessings over them as they walked!

Now, I'm exhausted but we don't have lessons tonight! Probably because it's almost the weekend which is awesome! I will probably be resting and reading as we have a book report due soon, but also because I am super tired from lack of sleep and time change! God is awesome though and God, I thank you for your faithfulness and your merciful grace. There's nothing better, that's definitely true.