Bienvenue a Biarritz!

Bonjour from France!

My journey to make Jesus famous began on Sunday afternoon at 12pm! My trip started on the right track by running into an old, but dear friend who was on the same connecting flight to Chicago. What a wonderful surprise and blessing from the Lord. We grabbed lunch at O’Hare and then bid adieu when his flight began to board at 4pm. Around 5pm I boarded the plane on what would be a very interesting next 8 or so hours. You know what’s interesting about the flight to France? There are a ton of French people on it, but also quite a few American students headed to study abroad! It was a fun experience and I really enjoyed the head start on acclimating to 24/7 French being spoken.  The layover in Paris hasn’t been too bad, I’ve been here 4 hours and have another 4 hours to one point, I considered riding the TGV into Biarritz, but they take American credit cards, but not American dollars and to my surprise I couldn’t find my wallet containing important documents and my credit cards…so, no train for me. No worries, I did indeed find my wallet…at the bottom of my 50 pound suitcase, safely secured so it wouldn’t fall out. Even if I had gotten on the train two things would have happened: 1) I wouldn’t have gotten my deposit back and 2) I would have had to rush to the 11 am train or had to have waited for the 2pm train which would have gotten me there later! So, praise Jesus for not letting either of those work out. I then proceeded to change out of my jeans/oversized sweater combo into a dress and boots so I could look like the French people! 

I just met a girl named Delphine who speaks great English! I may get out of 24/7 French after all :p HA! I better be fluent or close to it in a few months! I just realized that since I don’t have the internet right now that when I update this I will be in Biarritz already…haha! Anyhow, Delphine says that Biarritz is quiet in the winter, but a beautiful location J

I’m getting sleepy! Got to hang in there though so none of my things get snatched! So far I think I will really miss tweeting, there are so many things I’ve wanted to share already…like the fact that I am so blessed to be here and ready to do the Will of Him who sent me, but that I am so eerily calm it is starting to scare even me!


Today I was on the plane to Biarritz wondering what God was going to do with me here and even knowing that this is His will I couldn't help but think "But how is it going to work?" and tonight the husband from the missionary couple that spoke to us was talking about how his wife was called by God to make French Christian music and she didn't even speak French at the time, but soon after she published the book it became the top sold Christian music book in all of France. Then her husband goes on to say, "She came to him [God] with her 5 loaves and 2 fish and he multiplied all she had given." And I just felt the Spirit say, "That's you. Give Him all you've got and He will multiply it."

With that, the first day has been quite a success and bonne nuit (goodnight).