Second Week, Morning Phase 1

I wanted to share a few notes from lecture this morning:

Whatever you give up, God will give you back 100% fold.
When God reveals, you make it happen right then and there.
If you want to be like God, you've got to take Him seriously.
More than a thousand years ago we go the name Christians, because we looked like Christ.
In your behavior, reflect God.
From the beginning, God has wanted us to be His presentation, His hands and feet, to the world.
A Christian who willfully disobeys God prevents others from entering into the Kingdom.
People and society are not the standard.
Sin is a righteous need fulfilled in an unrighteous way.

--Until you believe that God is good then you will not live fully in His will.
No more wrestling and no more fighting, God. Je t'appartiens. I belong to you.

I'm proud of who God is building me up to be. Such hope that He is instilling very deep inside of me to know His will and to hear His heartbeat, it's beautiful. 

I will post again soon, things are going so well here! Love you all!
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